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Who and what is GDGmc?

About GDGmc:

GDGmc is a management- and consultancy-office based on knowledge and many years of experiences in project management and in R&D. All of this specifically focused on the development and building of special equipment for the food and non-food industry. Those experiences are, among other activities, gained at EBM/VMI (Dutch company’s) in a more than 30 years’ employment.

What is GDGmc doing:

In the opinion of GDGmc it aren’t  the long stories or neither the beautiful extensive reports, it’s all about a concrete advice that gives you a good result. This  concrete advice, with immediately and actionable recommendations will create a solution that benefits your company.

Presented solutions can be, managed by GDGmc. Hereby is advice and realization ensured, nevertheless it is always possible to implement the results of the consult by company themselves. GDGmc is more than willing to give feedback on the background to achieve a maximal result.

 GDGmc is wide spread orientated and flexible in creating solutions or to supply powerful advices. The branches on which GDGmc will focus are:

*         Production plants in the food- and non-food

*         Machine builders

*         Engineering companies

To ensure the knowledge of the concerning clients GDGmc is happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This NDA can result in a certain exclusivity for a particular client or branch.