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Production plants

Production plants in the food en non-food:

To optimize a production process or to reduce cost it is necessary to determine the total cost of ownership of the used production methods and needed resources.

“Cost of ownership” = total cost of the production line, including operator cost, deprecation of machines etc., power-air consumption and cost of maintenance. This action must be performed jointly, based on the already known data and work methods. By using a calculation tool in Excel, it will be possible to play with the several costs to reach an optimal production cost. (maximal profit)

  • GDGmc is able to advise how to decrease production cost. (direct production costs and/or production output per time unit)
  • GDGmc is able to advise to improve production methods and -resources.
  • To introduce new production techniques is one of the possibilities (for example from other branches).
  • Advising when new production equipment need to be ordered. (determine specification and recommendations).
    • Together visiting the potential suppliers, review quotes and advising in making a final choice. Assistance at the external and internal acceptance of the new equipment. Based on the expertize of GDGmc a smooth acceptation and startup of the new equipment. The better the implantation of the new equipment will be, the less impact on the current production. This is an extremely important point, because in this case very often unforeseen and possible high cost are involved. For example, delivery contracts, which not can be realized in the agreed time frame.