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Machine builders

Machine builders:

  • GDGmc is able to advise in the standardization process to reach a better result or to develop a new standardization of the product range. Standardization can reduce production costs, shorten delivery time, the reduction of different spare parts and may be the most important reducing the risk of failure. Proven concepts are always a lower risk. Based on the wide R&D experiences of GDGmc it will be possible to make a useful contribution.
  • Re-styling standard products. A specific way of styling your products can trigger your customers to buy again machines from your company. Same styling looks better and more professional. People will recognize your equipment at the different locations and may be more willing to buy. A lot of people are thinking that styling will increase the price, but this is not always the case. For a new design, it will be more easy to take the styling in account during the engineering process. A color styling will in the most cases not increase the cost price, while the installation looks much fancier and more expensive. May be this effects the sales rice and create a better profit margin.
  • GDGmc can advise during the design of new, or re-design existing products. The process can start by jointly defining the specification and market demand. By using brainstorm sessions and the DIMDAM method (own development of GDGmc) we realized in the past very surprising solutions and new and good results.